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Wedding in Spanish Villa

Wedding in Spanish Villa is luxurious and cozy at the same time. Groomed emerald lawns with white tents in a villa in the Mallorcan style or fashionable villa in the style of "rustic", or wedding in the style of "chic Shabby" ... Shining white tablecloths on the tables and impeccable waiters offering glasses misted with cold champagne. Extraordinary flower arch with snowy path spread with rose petals. Magnificent Mediterranean cuisine. And no one except you and your guests! If you dream of a wedding within family and friends, hidden from prying eyes, this option is for you! We offer you a villa located near the beach, villa, where you will be able to place a sufficiently large number of visitors ... In other words, we have a truly rich selection of objects called "villa in Mallorca!" You only need to decide on the details, and your dreams will come true! But there is one important point; these houses are needed to book in advance, even better for 8-12 months before the scheduled date. Let me explain why. All the villas that are designed for a large number of people are reserved beforehand, so on your concrete dates it can be busy. This is especially true for the period of high season of the year: in July and August.