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What does the wedding "on turnkey basis" mean?

What does the wedding "on turnkey basis" mean?

Faced with this expression, someone may remember the famous phrase about the "pig in a poke", that involves the purchase of uncertainty for a very, however, a specific price. Dear friends, let me reassure you: any idea about "pig in a poke" is out of the question if you work with our company! Everything is definite, clear and transparent.

In our understanding, the wedding "on turnkey basis" is a complete triumph of organization that you trust to the team of professionals. This thinking through every detail and issues: choice of wedding sites, the order of floristry and decor, scenario development, the choice of the host, photographer and videographer, custom printing, selection of hotels, villas and apartments to accommodate you and your guests, a car lease for a period of residence, etc. and also - additional services related to the organization of your stay abroad.

You may ask, what are the pros of the choice can be presented with the wedding abroad "on turnkey basis" for you personally?

Firstly, we give a guarantee on all our services provided by contractors.

Secondly, you do not need to spend a lot of time on agonizing search and selection of these services, because our agency has already collected our reliable performers.

Thirdly, it is always pleasant when there is a person (in this case - an experienced organizer), who concentrates in the hands of all the "tools" of making your holiday, and who is not only responsible for every detail of your wedding celebration, but also observes the whole picture.

And finally, we are aware of all the current trends and new trends in the wedding world and we know exactly how a real European wedding should be looked like! Meanwhile, we assure you: having chosen the organization of the wedding of "on turnkey basis" and having trusted our knowledge, experience and taste, you can completely relax. From your side you will get small and very pleasant chores: pick up wedding rings, wedding dresses to try on. In other words, you only have to wait to enjoy the process of your holiday!

And now a few personal words to the main character of the upcoming celebration. I'm sure we will make friends, so let us interact on a first-name basis! First of all, I want to congratulate you sincerely: you are a happy bride! By myself I remember what it is, though short, but damn good time!

But I know something else: your immeasurable joy now can be still clouded a little bit. The day is approaching, that you have been dreaming of for so long: the day on which all need to be more than great! And you think that the responsibility for this "ALL" is on you. In your head there are spinning hundreds of questions: where to start, where to go, what to buy, how to do it , who will conduct the wedding and so on, on ...

Just look, you really need help now from your older friends who are well versed in all of these "what , ""where "and " how. " Let's agree: you are relaxing and having a rest, you are ordering your thoughts and feelings; you are doing all of such things. And, of course, you should help to make the same issues to your soulmate." And all the other matters - you will just leave and trust us. You have already found us if you are reading these lines! Now we invite you to go together in an amazing fairy tale, bright finale which will be a great marriage of two people loving each other. The wedding of your dreams.

The idea and style

So we'll start with the selection of ideas and style of the wedding. This is very interesting, funny and, of course, the creative process. Each pair is unique in its own way, so we come to this very sensitive issue. We will meet you, listen to your suggestions and secret dreams, discuss your common features and features of each of your own, your interests and hobbies, penetrate into your heart and soul, know what you like, what era would like to be ... And – we will find your idea!

It can be from the classics, or a themed wedding (stylization of your celebration on the chosen topic), or a wedding with a certain style when all the elements of the celebration combine a united concept, such as the style of "rustic style." In any case, your idea of the wedding is unique, because it corresponds to the image of your pair!

Further, according to your wishes we will decide which format will your wedding be, whether it will be an intimate ceremony and dinner in the classic style of " Shabby Chic" at the villa with live music, or maybe a grand and pompous celebration in a posh restaurant, a summer venue, on the roof of a five star hotel with an incredible show program and a performance of the "stars".

Selection of the venues

The next step, after we define the idea and style of the wedding - choice of the venue for your holiday. We offer the most successful places and areas for realization of this idea according to your taste. And together we'll decide where the wedding ceremony will take place: on the beach, in an abandoned church in the Holy Mount height 509 m, where there is a spectacular panorama, or on the terrace that descends into the sea ... In short words, there are a huge amount of the options: You will only make your choice. Honeymooners` appearance at the festival always marks the beginning of the holiday, and that means that it must be unusual and incendiary. You can come to its celebration royally - in a carriage, on retro car of 50s or in a simply luxury car. If you allow the chosen venue, we can arrange and "marine" version of your appearance before the guests: a luxurious snow-white yacht or a cute decorated Majorcan boat.

Floristis and decor

This is perhaps one of my favorite sections of the wedding ceremony - the beauty, color and charm. Imagine this: You are entering the room and – you are fading from its magnificent decoration and marvelous aroma of freshness, which reigns in the air. Flowers are everywhere in floor vases, on the wedding table and cocktail party tables, refined and exquisite flower compositions with elegant decorative elements adorn the walls. In this case there is no sense of variegation and coarseness, because all design is united in a single color. Believe me, this fragrant beauty will cause admiration not only from you, but also the most discerning of your guests!

It is important to consider the entire wedding style that will be touched in every detail, and we will do it together with you. Let's start with the invitation, and then think about design of the hall, then - banquet cards, seating plan ratings, photo zone for a stunning and memorable images, wishes area, play area for kids, we will design places of the wedding ceremony - arch or another interesting element, lovely gifts to your guests for the memory. The spectrum of our fantasy is unlimited, most importantly - it is your desire and our embodiment! Let us together create a masterpiece that you will always remember with delight and joy, and we - with pride of our work!

Your wedding image

Your wedding day - it's certainly one of the most important days of your life. You have dreamed about it, painted it in your fantasies and, of course, imagine how you and your partner will look like in these unique dreams.

Of course, you want to be on this day the most beautiful and irresistible, because it is the bride always focused so much attention from your relatives and some strangers! Wonderful dress, delicate makeup, luxury holiday hairstyle, your eyes sparkling with happiness and radiant smile - that's it , your magic image!

Our professional stylists will create it for you. You will shine at your own wedding, and your fiancé, or rather, your husband already, he will fall in love with you again with new force! Wedding photos of your lovely couple will decorate your home: admiring on them you'll be remembering with bated breath every moment of this unforgettable event...

If you want to purchase a wedding dress in Spain in Mallorca, we are happy to assist you. Today in Europe it is popular fantastically beautiful wedding dresses, for example, from Pronovias and Rosa Clará. And if you follow the newfangled tradition to the end, and for bridesmaids can be purchased or specially sew dresses that will completely repeat the color scheme of your wedding.

Photo and Video

Our photographers and videographers will make a wonderful fairy tale of your wedding film to which you will return again and again throughout your lives. The main heroes of this film will become you, your love and your happiness. There won’t be any gaps or featureless frames, because we are working with real professionals who can notice the most subtle details of relationships: tenderness in your eyes , the happiness in the arms. Our great masters can also vividly and movingly record Love Story just here on the island to use video to show the guests during the festive show. And they can make romantic pictures that decorate the place of a wedding celebration. In short words, they have a lot of interesting ideas, and they are ready with the inspiration to realize them.


I am very impressed with the western style of the wedding banquets - namely buffet. Let us not forget that the main purpose of the holiday wedding is not a feast, and therefore does not necessarily cover with all sorts of meat tables! Especially now it is in vogue when guests do not sit all night in one place and move freely around the room, talking, tasting dishes served themselves filling the dishes to their tastes. Do not worry: everybody will remain full and very happy, because to your choice will be offered a wide range of appetizers, main courses and side dishes.

We will complete a competent and tasty menu, our goal as well - to calculate the amount of liquor and beverages. By the way, on the island is allowed the usage of "your own" alcohol, but it is necessary to pay so-called " the mirror tax" on each bottle. If required, we can organize and «Candy bar» - still one of the popular trends in the wedding world. This stylish and elegantly decorated with a variety of sweet table "sweets" : cupcakes , cookies , mini cakes , pasta, caramels , nuts , etc. Many people go to their fantasies and turn on «Candy bar» in place of tasting the delicious Spanish wines and different kinds of cheese. Well, of course we will not forget about the great wedding cake that will be a worthy end of your wedding celebration.

Show program

The entertaining part of a wedding celebration - this is an important part of a real celebration. A lead, on who depends the general mood of the evening and positive energy, Dj, live music, the "star" of the Russian and Spanish pop music, orchestra, dance performances, magicians , acrobats and much more we can arrange for you and make your day unforgettable.

A few more words about the beautiful and touching moment - the first dance of honeymooners. If you for some reason did not get some dance lessons at home, our first-class choreographer will help you to look confident and be in that day to the occasion: it will put to your celebration or romantic fiery dance. Impressive completion of the holiday can become fireworks, fireworks show or your departure on a luxury yacht to the "bright future."

Wedding Celebration

Well, here comes this most important day! On the Eve, we once again check the readiness of all the parts and telephone our contractors (people with whom we work: photographers, videographers, florists, etc.). The actual day of the wedding, we constantly monitor the progress of all activities and coordinate the work of all connected professionals.

We'll be there the first comers, early in the morning. We will ensure that all of our contractors were on the venue on time and prepared everything necessary to the correct time. We are extremely careful and take care that everything is going according to plan of our timing. By the way, the timing of plan we agree with you before the actual celebration. In case of emergencies, we will develop contingency plans.

Thus, we control everything, the schedule and all the details. So, the holiday will take place exactly as we have conceived with you (of course, if force majeure does not intervene). Among other things, we will meet your guests, tell them what to do, where is the place and we help them to find their places in the banquet hall, and at the end of the evening - to get to their places of residence. Your family and friends will feel themselves very comfortable with the help of us, and there are nothing to worry. In short words, our agency will take over the day and its all organizational matters, and your task is to enjoy every moment of this very special day!

Accommodation, visa, flights

This section I address those of you who want to come to our island, without the services of agencies. For some, this seems unreal difficult, and someone seems interesting to go through by "thorns." If you decide to travel alone, I'll tell you from where to start, where to buy the best tickets. We will find accommodations (hotel, villa or apartment), book transfers or help to rent car, in general, we will do our best on the island of Mallorca. And not only that I can help you to arrange a visa for Spain, so you absolutely should not worry about anything. Just give us a call or email and you will get advice on all your questions.

Completion of our joint creativity

After the end of the wedding celebration we will be happy to hand you gifts from our company.

And, of course, we are very glad if our communication with you will continue in the future. For us, it will mean that the most important thing is that fact that you are satisfied with our work, and therefore there are good reasons that we put into the preparation and conduct of your day so much efforts, energy , creativity and inspiration !

P.S.: We are sincerely grateful if you want to leave feedback about our work.

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