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Wedding styles and themed weddings

Dear friends, this section is probably the most creative, because it encourages the flight of thought and helps the birth of ideas. I'll tell you about what can be your wedding. More precisely - I will try to awaken your imagination and think about how would you spend your wedding day. Most importantly - is the choice of the basic idea of the wedding, which will be seen in all its design. And especially you must make this choice. And already we develop a concept of your idea, which will fully reflect your personality and will trait is your pair. It is doubtless that there are no identical love stories, so there should not be the same weddings.

Modern-day weddings can be divided into three types: classic, stylized and themed. So classic and most popular wedding styles:

Classical wedding more...
Style "Boho": bohemian chic more...
Style "Provence" love with French charm more...
Style "rustic": beauty in simplicity more...
Style " Shabby chic": exquisite elegance more...
Style "Art Nouveau ": art and love more...
Style "eco" - love in harmony with nature more...
Style of "country" or in Spanish "campo": farm wedding more...

Themed weddings
- Spanish wedding more...
- "Camomile" wedding more...
- Lemon or tangerine wedding more...

Classical wedding

Classic is always in fashion - this holds true in regard to the wedding celebration. Classical wedding is a proven ceremony with all the rituals and traditions that have arisen as long time ago (for example, meeting the parents of young "bread and salt"), and have recently come to us, but already firmly conquered its place (visiting ceremony with arch, sweet - Candy bar - tables, etc ) .

Classic is a traditional wedding dress, veil for the bride, strict groom suit, preceding holiday "hen" and "stag party», Love Story. Is it predictable? Possibly. But this does not mean a banal thing or a boring cliché. Indeed, despite the standard set of elements, each of them can be presented differently, and that will give your wedding a personal and unique image.

If you honor the customs and you pay attention to the traditions in lifestyle, your choice - it is a classic wedding.

Features and details:
Classical wedding ceremony does not imply any specific ideas of celebration; it is based on traditions and ceremonies. It is very important to keep the selected color scheme not only in the clothes and accessories of the bride and groom, but also in the decor of the elements. Luxurious interiors, drapery made of expensive fabrics, pearls, chandeliers and sconces in various shapes, crystal and lace.

White, ivory, gold, silver, pastel shades.
Flowers - white and tea roses.
The image of the newly-married couple:
Elegance and tenderness combined with the royal splendor. Appropriate dress in the style of princess, crown or tiara on her head. The bride with a traditional bouquet of white roses.

Style "Boho": bohemian chic

This is a unique mix of styles "hippies", Gypsy, "military", diluted folk and ethnic ( Indian, African , Eastern) influences. " Boho - chic" came from an artistic sphere, which does not recognize the conventions, limits and prohibitions. In the 60- 70s of the last century there were its supporters, such as Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot. Returning to the beginning of 2000 at a new stage of its development, this style has ceased to be a lot exceptionally creative bohemia. Today "Boho - chic" is a style of self-confident people who value individuality and are aware of their uniqueness and importance in the society. If the two of you are combined with a love of freedom, fantasy, harmony and beauty, wedding in the style of " Boho " - it is your choice!

Features and details:
The main principle of the style "Boho" is no prohibitions or restrictions. With only one restriction, however, the caveat: "Boho - chic" requires its adherents impeccable taste and sense of proportion: nothing is so ordered as elaborate artistic mess in the image. Wedding decor in the style of "Boho" - a flight of fancy in the design and combination of "incongruous": elegant and raw, vintage and hand-made, expensive and cheap, colorful throws and soft light. Candles, old blankets, dishes from different sets, airy fabrics, fringe, lace, vases and jars, vintage musical instruments, scarves and shawls with pattern "paisley " ... And no glamour!

Valid all colours, from the brightest to the pastel shades, the main condition - it is harmony. Floristics - wildflowers, dried flowers in combination with elements of wood or fabric.

The image of the newly-married couple:
Bride in the style of "Boho - chic" looks very feminine, it expresses the inner harmony, mystery and freedom. There are light long dresses made of natural fabrics, natural hues, possibly with a high waist. Finishing - embroidery, knitting, lace details, inset guipure. Shoes - low heel or wedge heels. Widely used all kinds of accessories: necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants, buckles, ornaments of hair - ribbon wreaths, ethnic hoops and hairpins.

The image of the groom - an easy, natural, slightly sloppy. Bright butterfly, suspenders, unbuttoned jacket or vest, beret, hat or hippie hairstyle.

Style "Provence" love with French charm

Its name "Provence" was the title of the region in the south of France - Provence. This is one of the varieties of "country": very soft and "floral" style of the French countryside. Gentle sun , the smells of the sea mixed with the aroma of herbs, delicate purple blossoms of lavender fields, peace and unhurried life, wonderful wines and delicious cuisine with the cult of spices, cheese, truffles, honey - all these original notes combine to create an indescribable charm of Provence. Wedding in Provence style is perfect for those who dream about romantically elegant and cozy at the same time, a warm holiday.

Features and details:
Main aesthetics "Provence" - old time and refined simplicity, pathos and pretentiousness here excluded.

In order to create a wedding party in Provencal atmosphere such elements will help you to realize your wishes: vintage decorative items, textiles bright flowered old wooden or wicker furniture, pottery with floral ornament, tablecloths and napkins handmade, French wine ,a variety of cheeses .

Due to the large amount of sun in the south of France the paints are soft as if they are faded. For the decoration of perfect “Provence wedding" we advice lilac, pale blue, beige, terracotta, milk, olive tones.

In the style of "Provence" plants play an important role: fresh cut flower bouquets, fresh flowers in pots, bundles of herbs hanging from the ceiling, the composition of dried wildflowers. Favorite, of course, lavender.

The image of the newly-married couple:
Luxury dresses in this category are inappropriate. The bride will look harmoniously in a long dress in silhouette cut, decorated with lace, the main emphasis is on its way or vintage stylized antique jewelry.

Groom can choose pastel linen suit and striped tie, replace or checkered handkerchief.

Style "rustic": beauty in simplicity

And the French word «rustique», and English «rustic», and Latin «rusticus», from which, in fact , the first words came from, they all have the same meaning - "rustic, simple, plain."

Style "rustic " (or " rustic style ") came into our lives from architecture, but gradually became very popular in home interiors and furniture manufacturing and clothing. Wedding World also did not remain indifferent to it: style "rustic" maintains its position in a very stable manner, continuing to conquer the hearts of honeymooners. Weddings in “Rustic” style obtained cozy and warm, and at the same time natural and stylish. This is the right solution for couples who want to celebrate their triumph without unnecessary costs and pathos, but unforgettably original and closer to the nature.

Features and details:
Wedding in style "rustic" is primarily rural , "country like" wedding. Ideal option for its implementation is forest glade or blooming meadow where you can set the tent . Also suitable holiday cottage with big yard and a rustic restaurant with an outdoor terrace, and a spacious hangar.

The main idea of the style "rustic" - simplicity and naturalness of coarse. In the design of the "village" wedding using natural raw materials: stones, bark, sand, moss , straw, grass , pine cones . Compressed hay cubes , covered with blankets , instead of chairs , glass jars instead of vases, spreading tree instead of arches, old cart , tubs , garden tools as " decorations" – everything that is at hand and shares your idea of the village. Very important textiles: linen, cotton , linen, burlap , jute cloth - and as a basis for tablecloths and napkins , and as a material for decoration. Touching, cozy touch to the atmosphere of the festival makes use of heirlooms, old family photographs .

Natural, "native" colours: combination of white, beige, brown, green, blue, pale pink, sand, gray. Too bright colors should be avoided. In floristics we see wildflowers: daisies, sweet peas, cornflowers, delphinium, sweet-william, etc.

The image of the newly-married couple:
Simplicity and here is the main condition that dictates the style. Bridesmaid dress - direct, light and airy of flowing fabrics, fits the image and loose dress with ruffles. "Highlight" can become vintage ornaments, a wreath of wildflowers .

Details of the groom wedding dress - white (light) or light jeans loose pants, vest, straw hat, moccasins, funny boutonniere.

Style " Shabby chic": exquisite elegance

The literal translation of the English expression «Shabby chic» - «napless chic", in fact, reflects the essence of this style. It can not be correlated with any particular segment of the past: the main thing for "Shabby chic" is the general mood of retro that is capable to transport you into a romantic fairy tale. " Shabby chic "is a sophisticated and refined classic, just a little sloppy and antique. In this style of wedding industry today is one of the most fashionable trend, because it gives a special celebration atmosphere of tenderness, lyricism and warmth.

Features and details:
The style "Shabby chic" is based on the artificial elements of interior and clothing " flying time." In the wedding decor elegant items are very widely used, vintage or stylized antique candlesticks, massive photo frames, mirrors, delicate bird cages, boxes, old tea sets with gold and roses , vintage figurines, angels , birds, vases, pastorals . For decoration only natural fabrics are used: cotton, linen, lace.

For this style, it is almost crucial. Important point: the colors should be muted, as if faded by time. According to this condition the most suitable are powdery pastel colors and all shades of white, blue-gray, light pink, peach, etc. In the same gentle tones and sustained bouquets and flower decoration: Basic flowers "Shabby chic" – peonies, varieties of David Austin roses and gypsophila.

The image of the newly-married couple:
Image of the bride – light and easy flying. Dress made of natural flowing fabrics, lace trim looks good , ruffles or embroidery . Style also with hints of vintage, for example, with sleeves " buff" or "bat" . The image of the groom - elegant dandy. His suit - beige, gray or blue, desirable or trouser suspenders vest, and instead of a tie - a butterfly. The newly-married couple is strongly advised to use vintage accessories: Grandma's earrings and bracelets, cameo on a chain, grandpa tie-pin and vintage brooch for wedding bouquet will add more general image of wholeness and harmony.

Style "Art Nouveau ": art and love

Wedding style "Art Nouveau" in a certain sense should be called "aerobatics" vintage wedding.

" Art Nouveau " (" new art ") - the French title Nouveau was dominated in the art from the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the First World War. It arose as a reaction to the brutality of the industrial era . Modernist slogan is "back to nature", and the basic idea - the harmony of man and nature, things and beings. This style of the dreams, desires and fleeting beauty. Art Nouveau is associated with the names of Paul Gauguin and Mikhail Vrubel, Antoni Gaudí and Louis Tiffany, Faberge, Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Isadora Duncan ... At the beginning of our century fashion for " Art Nouveau " is back again . Very poetic and feminine, this style perfectly fits the wedding world. It is suitable for refined persons fell in love with poetry of "Silver Age".

Features and details:
Sources of inspiration for the decoration of the wedding party are art and nature. Wedding in this style is as an antique handmade thing of that time: all calibrated and practical, and yet filled with magical charm. Stylistic feature of the "Art Nouveau" are the rejection of straight lines and angles, smooth, naturally curved, as if dancing , line. We can observe the variety in the use of different materials and textures of this style in the most unexpected combination. Basic strokes: Solid natural forms and ornaments rich decor, the abundance of gold, mosaics and stained glass windows, wrought iron lamps, fountains, aquariums.

Water - this is particularly important topic for the style "Art Nouveau", so its "favorite" color is the matching of gold and silver (shine water surface in the sun), a warm green color swamp - beige and brown. In flower compositions harmoniously look irises, lilies, orchids, cyclamen and grapes.

The image of the newly-married couple:
Bride in this pair is a beautiful muse: wavy hair, flowing fabrics, natural motifs, gold and silver. Accessories - bohemian and always with vegetative elements: handbag with a bright pattern of the peacock's tail, a brooch in the shape of butterflies, dragonflies, swallows. "Art Nouveau" implies exclusivity and refinement, "ghosts and fog ", a word, a secret. Traditional veil in this style does not fit, the image of a beautiful stranger can be proved with exquisite hats, veils, tiaras or bows. The image of the groom is poetic and slightly sloppy.

Style "eco" - love in harmony with nature

Environmental weddings are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and especially in America. But it's not just a fad. More and more young people in the world really take a proactive stance in the questions of the conservation of nature. If you are too concerned about environmental issues and the fate of the planet where your children will grow - join us!

Incidentally, the "eco" wedding has another advantage: this option allows you to reduce the budget of the celebration festivities more than a third.

Features and details:
The main principles of "eco" - wedding are naturalness, simplicity and maximum environmental friendliness throughout. But "simple" does not mean "insipid ": with a creative approach your wedding will incredibly refined and stylish. Ideally, "eco" wedding is arranged in the picturesque place outdoors, you can make a choice in favor of a country mansion with a wooden interior decoration, fireplace.

In the wedding decor we rely on the use of natural and recycled materials: unusual look in the compositions of burlap, cardboard, old newspapers, firewood and pine cones, moss, glass jars, baskets with fruits and berries , natural fabrics , candles . There are simple and stylish solutions: candlesticks from birch logs, vases made from used light bulbs.

Among other things, "eco" wedding should be contributed to resource savings. Therefore, it is desirable to send guests invitations by email. Dj is canceled: only live music, preferably - a string quartet. Transport - an environmentally friendly, bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, boats, in the extreme case - electric. Lighting should be natural, at dusk lit candles, fireworks and fireworks are excluded.

The palette of "eco" wedding is in natural colours: green, white, brown and beige tones . Cut flowers in the canons of this style do not fit, they successfully are replaced to the plants in pots, spikelets of grass.

The image of the newly-married couple:
Stringent requirements for wedding dresses style "eco" does not show, the main condition - the same natural way and natural materials. Welcome vintage dress for the bride, mother's jewelry boxes or grandmother. Of vintage brooches and beads can make and stylish bouquet for the bride. Relevant details that complement the image of the groom can be a straw or a retro hat, a butterfly of burlap .

Style of "country" or in Spanish "campo": farm wedding

«Campowedding» - this style is called in Spain. It is very close to the style of "eco" because when you make a wedding celebration we use only natural materials. The format of the festival involves field trips, so its fans should assess natural, elegant simplicity and rustic extreme.

Features and details:
Farmer can arrange wedding at a suburban villa with a plot where should be ideally presented a small vegetable garden or fruit garden.

The main condition for clearance is as simply and naturally as it is possible. The table can be covered without a tablecloth and be decorated with the "products": vegetables, herbs , chicken and quail eggs , as well as floral arrangements in drawers or old cans. Simple rural surroundings such as barrels, crates, carts, forks, watering cans, horseshoes, utensils fit into the overall picture of the holiday.

Wedding ceremony in a farmhouse style - this arch of tree trunks decorated with meadow flowers, path and benches made of hay . Original and "to the subject" it can be arranged with the delivery of gifts for guests, equipped with tables «Farmers Market». You just need to fill a basket of fruits and vegetables and prepare interesting packages for guests to choose their optional products "from the farm." A real adventure for the citizens can become a wedding photo session in farm style wedding: a horse, driving a tractor, with a flock of chickens, etc.

Bright natural colours.

The image of the newly-married couple:
The bride will look great in a usual long dress or a dress with a high waist. The image should be carefully styled with accessories: leather boots, denim vests and straw hats. Bridal bouquet - of wildflowers, sunflowers, herbs, sprouts vegetables. The groom may look like a cowboy with a hat and jeans and as well as a romantic farmer with carelessly buttoned shirt and with a cap in small cells. A smoking pipe wiil suit as an accessory very well.

Dear friends! I hope you were able to form some ideas of what styled wedding is, and, perhaps, you are inspired by one of the following examples.


Themed weddings

And now a few words about the thematic weddings. Themed wedding is held on a specific topic that you can choose by yourself, or we will offer interesting and suitable for you after we meet with you and become more familiar with each other. All that will happen on the wedding day, must be subordinated to the chosen topic, respectively. Beyond imagination is not limited...

Here are a few examples for your thematic weddings.

Spanish wedding

If you have chosen a venue for your celebration - Spanish Mallorca, then you are interested in the customs and traditions of this wonderful country. If you are both brave and temperamental persons at the same time, why not try to organize your wedding in a Spanish manner?

Spanish wedding is very colorful and fiery like a carnival. Sea of flowers , guitars and castanets , dancing , including , of course , flamenco, black-red- white palette and national motives in every detail, unbridled joy and generous cash infusion into a piggy bank of young family - that's what a wedding in Spanish means.

Thinking of the bride wedding dress, do not forget about the elements of typical Spanish girls dresses: open or half-mast shoulders, many flounces and ruffles on the skirt. Recommended dress is in black and red colors, or standard white with black or red accessories. Essential attributes in the image are large metal earrings with an original ornament and orange blossom flower in her hair as a symbol of eternal youth. Accessories for the bride and her friends are fans, umbrellas, floral decorations, rings - all in "Spanish" theme. The image of the groom can be specified with a rose boutonniere or a red tie with a print.

For the hall decoration we use mostly flowers, fresh fruit and bright ribbons of natural fabrics. Fresh cut roses in clay jars , metal candlesticks , traditional Spanish fans on the walls, chocolate-colored tablecloths and ceramic tableware, sangria , paella ...

And a few words about some Spanish wedding traditions.
- The happiest month for a wedding is May. Good time is late summer and fall. Marriage on Tuesday is a bad omen.
- During the wedding, the groom presents the bride thirteen gold coins sanctified. It is a symbol of his commitment to his young wife. Later coins are kept as a family heirloom, you can spend it only in extreme cases.
- Bridesmaids try to touch her dress - it promises them happiness in love. A groomsman cuts his tie and dismantled pieces together - to lure luck.

Wedding table is decorated with a large Spanish wedding, specially baked bread, its shape resembles a human figure. Sliced wedding bread is awarded as a prize for winning in various competitions and is even sold for money on a kind of auction. Should not be left crumbs, otherwise the young will not be happy...

Are you intrigued by all of this? Well, then - "Chin chin"!

"Camomile" wedding

Gentle, sunny, with a childhood friend, modest and elegant at the same time. Companion of love is a daisy. Trust its your doubts: "like - not like?" Moments of sadness in its songs complain, close it, and the happiest moments - from a favorite bouquet, elegant wreath...

Why not make it a "guest of honor" at a wedding party? If you want your celebration of love is touchingly gentle and romantic, beautiful, you would look at the idea of "chamomile" wedding.

The optimal time for it, of course, spring and summer. However, nowadays daisy (or similar ones daisies, gerbera) can be bought in almost any season in the flower shops.

At this wedding all subject " chamomile " theme - decoration of the hall and tables , invitations, dress code and gifts for guests outfit honeymooners, entertainment, decorations on the cake in the form of marzipan daisies .

Colours celebration is appropriate: air white, warm yellow and soft green hues.

The bride should choose a light, flowing dress with a minimum decoration (because daisy is a modest flower), supplemented with yellow or green ribbon at the waist or under the breasts. In addition to or instead of a veil wreath of daisies is recommended.

Bridegroom desirable should depart from the classical canons and can appear at the ceremony in a white tuxedo. Finishing touches to the image - pale green tie or yellow with daisies and boutonniere, in harmony with the bridal bouquet.

Regardless of whether indoors or outdoors the celebration is organized, a very stylish look of daisies floral balls, placed on tables and on the tracks or suspended from the ceiling. The decor of the room should be emphasized with large flowerpots with daisies on the floor, garlands of paper pompoms in white and yellow colors. Daisies on the tables look nice in a very simple dish - glass vases, porcelain cups. Complement the harmony of delicate snow-white napkins and utensils.

Gifts for guests fit the theme: handmade soap based on a broth of chamomile, chamomile tea and cookies in a flower shape, sachet with chamomile, seed packets.

Lemon or tangerine wedding

If you are energetic, cheerful and creative and you prefer yellow and orange colors, it is possible that your version is a citrus wedding: bright, cheerful and fragrant. Juicy lemon and tangerine hues and their stylized images can be very elegantly combined with interior design, wedding invitations; you can use these images in floral compositions, and other elements of the wedding decor. Especially in the citrus season in Mallorca – there are truly abundance of these citruses.

Colours: yellow and orange items must be presented in the clothes of honeymooners. Traditionally snow-white dress of the bride can be supplemented with a thin lemon (orange) belt; more emphasis will be added with an appropriate tone of shoes and bridal bouquet collected from yellow-orange flowers. For the groom - tie (or butterfly), shirt or boutonniere in citrus colors.

Bright, sunny fruit is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for interior design of the wedding. Garland of mandarins, alternating with cinnamon sticks - simultaneously luxurious, and extremely fragrant. Charming note to the overall picture will make a fine citrus trees entwined with bright ribbons basket with yellow-orange fruit.

Bright fabrics, decoration elements with fruits of yellow and orange colors are used in the design of the table, flower arrangements. Very impressive look can be seized with tall vases flask with white or pale green flowers filled with lemons and mandarins, citrus fruits with a carved pattern on the skin ( the technique of " carving" ) in combination with candles composition of citrus , decorated with spices and pine cones. And as a souvenir guests can be given a mandarin or lemon jam in jars.

There is a huge amount of ideas for the realization of your wedding - "a million and a few more." This can be a maritime-style wedding or in the style of "flamenco", wedding on the theme of your favorite musical direction and more other things. Subject can be chosen according to your hobbies or what you both are joined with. Be original and creative, let us work together to create a small miracle!