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Wedding Wishlist

What is a Wishlist, and why you need it

One of the most fashionable trend in wedding has recently become the usage of the Wish list («wish list" – the list of your desires). Have you ever heard about it? Well,id does not matter, we will quickly correct this issue.

Wish list is a list of desired gifts that you expect from your guests on your wedding day. If we say that it is a very convenient and practical thing – we won’t say anything.

It is doubtless that no one wants to get the next set of bed linen or a set of dishes as a wedding gift. In general, either that you already have or that you absolutely do not need. Much nicer to get a gift from which the soul sings, and that you really need. In order to solve this problem, smart people came up with wedding Wish list!

This point has another positive side, its advantage is that you will save your dear guests from the painful choice and headache, whether they cater to their gift to you or not. And they do not have to know from the other guests if their gift has been repeated.

How is Wish list generated??

You create a list of desired gifts. It will be great if you describe them in more details: what you want to get (name, model, color, brand, where to buy, etc.). Then you send this information to your guests. And they pick out and booked from Wish list a suitable gift.

How can you inform the guests about the list of gifts? There are several options.

Option One: can put the wish list in one envelope with invitation cards.
Option Two: You create a private group in social networks and invite guests to it.
The third and very popular current option is creating a personal family site.

There your Wish list can be placed. You can also fill the site with your favorite photos and, of course, tell everyone about your love story. And at the end of the wedding celebration you can put there photos from your wedding abroad – the wedding on the island of Mallorca.

I think it is very modern and interesting: having your own personal wedding website. I can help you with this idea and design this mini-site.

Use this simple and easy way!