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Who is a Wedding coordinator?

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a modern wedding in the European style without a wedding coordinator (sometimes they are called a wedding planner).

It can't be your friend or close relative, you do really know why. To cut a long story short, if You want to get a holiday and deprive him or her of the opportunity to share with you this joyful day, you can certainly entrust him or her the coordination of your wedding day. But you must agree, it is not fair towards your loved one, if there are specially trained people - wedding coordinators. This is an incredibly difficult job that requires maximum effort and professional approach. Only in this case there is a guarantee that the celebration will be great.

A wedding coordinator is the person who will follow a previously written script of the wedding, and will coordinate the work of all services involved in the wedding. Starting from the morning visit to a stylist, to passing guests.

A wedding coordinator knows what time the photographer, presenter should come, what time the show program starts and who participates in it, what time for serving hot food is and when the cake is presented, till what time everybody can stay in a rented restaurant and how we should follow the scenario and how tables and Banquet cards should be arranged. This is the man who is responsible for all the details on your celebration, the man who will be your eyes and will monitor the performance of the contracted services, while You will enjoy this important day.

A wedding coordinator is not the organizer. He is not responsible for the quality of coordinated services. If you order certain services, but at the end it turns out that this is not what you have expected, then you are the one who you should be offended on. The coordinator is not being in charge of it. His or her duties are to coordinate timely execution of ordered services.

You can hire a wedding planner in our Agency, no matter you order other services or not, in this case, the coordinator has a fixed cost.

If you have already organized the celebration, have made up all the services, but you do want the person on your wedding day who you could rely on and trust him all the hassle of coordination, I would recommend to hire a professional wedding coordinator.

Further, I would like to tell You about the working stages of the wedding coordinator.

The coordinator starts working 2 weeks before the wedding. It is advisable to apply as early as possible and book the exact wedding coordinator who you would like to collaborate with.

There are 3 main stages of coordination: before the wedding, the wedding and after the wedding.

Before the wedding

  1. A personal meeting with a Cup of delicious coffee and signing the contract.
  2. Zoning a wedding venue (the scheming of rooms and placement of tables)
  3. Preparation of a personal timing plan for the Bride (the wedding day is scheduled by the minute)
  4. The meeting with the administration of the restaurant or catering service to select the menu, number of guests, the beginning of the Banquet or buffet table, cake delivery, etc)
  5. Calling everyone, who will service your wedding to confirm the timing and place of arrival of each, dress code, summarizing all the duties and coordination of joint work for the wedding day.


  1. A plan for Seating guests, arrangement of the Banquet cards, decorated menus, bonbonniere, books for wishes, etc.
  2. The place for gifts and vases
  3. Meeting of the guests
  4. Coordination of the wedding ceremony (from placement of the chairs to glasses of champagne for guests)
  5. Control of take-away meals according to a predetermined menu and timing plan.
  6. Meeting and accommodation of the presenter, musicians, stars
  7. Coordination of their work according to the scenario of the wedding
  8. Wedding cake’s presentation
  9. The accounting with all the services who worked at the event
  10. The solution of force majeure and help for visitors

After the wedding

The collection of stayed on the court things (gifts, flowers, wedding certificate, a book for the wishes, a ring pillow, etc.) and transfer all of these personally to the Bride in hands. Unless the wedding is at the Villa

  1. Congratulations to young family and a memorable surprise
  2. Your video review for personal portfolio

Entrust the most important day of your life to the work of professionals, specially trained in the best wedding school CIS.

The cost of the wedding coordinator in Mallorca starts from 250 Euro, depending on the number of guests, date of the wedding and show-program.

We will do our best to make Your wedding in Spain, on Mallorca, a real piece of art!

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