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Wedding in Mallorca - "Like in the movies!"

Dear friends, enamored and happy , we are pleased to welcome you to a wedding agency «BrillianceWedding»!

Let me introduce myself: I am Xenia Blagova, a wedding organizer and owner of the apple of our eye, which was born in this wonderful corner of the world: Spain, Mallorca.

I tend to believe in fate and so convinced that you are on our site not by chance. If you dream of a wedding abroad, fabulously beautiful, as in the best films of our time, it may be no accident that your insight sent you especially to us! With our help your dream of "film wedding" in European-style will be the true reality!

Our agency is still very young, but it is full of incredible energy and efforts to make your dreams come true. We constantly monitor new trends in the wedding sphere that can allow us to create the most unusual weddings, which always have its highlights. We keep perfecting all the time, being trained in one of the best wedding schools that allow us to charge with an insane energy and draw our inspiration.

By the way, I want to reassure those who dream about the wedding "like in the movies" and it seems unattainable to you. Believe me, you can always find the best option to celebrate this memorable and within reasons. Yes, wedding abroad is not a cheap pleasure. Yes, maybe not all relatives and friends can share one of the most important events of your life.

Maybe you will be enticed with idea of secluded ceremony with a romantic dinner for two, - our agency is happy to arrange it for your couple in Mallorca.

Together we will find an acceptable solution for you! And I assure you; in any case, a wedding on the magical island of Mallorca will be for you a truly spectacular event that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The organization of your holiday for us is creative work that gives us great pleasure. You can not even imagine what a joy for us to be an important drop in the sea of your life! And what a joy - to create a small "masterpiece" for you: the day, memories of which will always excite your heart and soul...

So why we need each other::

  1. Basis of the concept of our agency - Love: we serve "Her Majesty Love" and with much love we do our job. That is, we have already combined the most important! And.... a little personal: I, like many others, too, was the bride; I had an unforgettable wedding day in Mallorca; and the continuation of our love was the birth of a charming little daughter. Her appearance gave me a push, new forces, a lot of ideas. And most importantly - a great desire to help the lovers in their most important day, do all to the wedding day for the newlyweds will become infinitely happy and truly magical.
  2. You are somewhere far out, and I am here. You are in Russia (maybe even in Kamchatka!), in Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan, and I am here to make your dream come true on our beautiful island. Thinking through your "Overseas wedding" in European-style from the beginning to the final point, taking care of every tiny detail of the holiday. All that is required of you - fly to Majorca at the appointed time and just enjoy this day.
  3. It is evident that you will have a million questions! And the core among them is how we can take into account al the details at the distance, consider and implement. You can be calm: my duty is to save you from headaches of preparatory hassle! You trust the professionals, so leave yourself a foretaste of the joy of the holiday! Fortunately, we live in an age of advanced technology and can always discuss everything via Skype, e-mail or telephone. I'll always be in touch with you!
  4. One of the most important issues that bothers everyone at any time, of course, the cost of services. With regard to the financial side we can definitely say the following.

    First, after signing the contract with you about making our "holiday of love", there will be the turn of estimating of the wedding that will include all services and, consequently, prices. Financial picture of the preparations for your wedding is absolutely transparent: you know every detail and cost. But all these details we will agree with you before you begin to translate ideas.

    Secondly, the services of our agency make up only 10% of the estimated wedding. However, this does not apply to so-called "small wedding ", in other words symbolic ceremonies that we arrange for a couple: there are different pricing lists. More precisely, our commission is already incorporated in the final price.
  5. Wedding agency «BrillianceWedding» was created to help future newlyweds to arrange a wedding abroad at the highest level . Since meeting at the airport and ending with pleasant goodbyes there. Of course, many additional issues such as visas, tickets, accommodation, transfers and so on raise during weddings abroad. Let these moments do not scare you. You can easily rely on me at all these points – it is my job, I was used to respond for the quality of it. We collaborate with proven and very responsible companies of car rents, minibuses up to 24 people, as well as fashionable with four - and five-star hotels , where you can place your guests and, of course , " Your Majesty". If you want to stay in the apartments, villas, private homes or villas in the style of "rustic " - everything is possible: our partners have facilities to suit all tastes. Almost all of these sites I have visited and studied personally, and therefore I am confident in their recommendations.

    If you want to have a tour at the familiar agency from your home, as they say, no problem , I will wait for you on the island, and we discuss all the details at the place. If you are eager to arrange a wedding abroad with my help , I'm happy to help you: I can assist in collecting all the documents for a visa; correctly filling in the questionnaire; I'll send you a confirmation of your booking of accommodation for a visa; I will help you with finding and buying tickets. If you are from Moscow, I can refer you to my trusted partner in the agency «Sunny Trip» (, and they will save your time and nerves: help you to purchase a tour or just to buy tickets.
  6. I have selected proven, responsible, reliable partners. I am responsible for their work and the quality of the services. Love for our work, understanding , compassion and commitment to the ideal result - that unites our team. We do not stand still, we develop and continue to learn this wonderful art - weddings abroad.

Our couples always feel comfortable and relaxed, as all the questions on organization and holding celebrations are only upon us. We give our couples confidence, joy and unforgettable emotions because we work only with professionals. Each couple receives a souvenir from our agency and the opportunity at the end of the year to participate in the raffle for wedding anniversary celebration in Majorca.

«BrillianceWedding» - this is our little "creation". We have created it in one of the cozy corners of Spain to collect unique and talented people to work on the realization of your dreams in life - weddings abroad!

Wedding - it's not just one day in the life, wedding is a whole life, born here on the island!

Our main advantage: we are very sincere! Creating and shaping every detail of your wedding, we put our soul ... That's why all of our work provides liveliness, charm and a personal touch!

Write to us on WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram: +34610680835 and we'll happily answer all of your questions!

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Ksenia Delmar.