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10 Reasons to entrust your wedding to "Brilliance Wedding"

1. Taking into account all your wishes, our agency will develop an individual style of your wedding, that will point it from the others. Colour range, floristics and setting, lovely music , gorgeous landscapes , shows, gentle dances, sounds of the sea , beautiful and immaculate waiters and much, much more - all this individual touches that combine your wedding individuality.

2. After your signing a contract with us, we will create all the conditions for you to realize memorable time of surprises and amazing discoveries that accompany the process of organizing your wedding in Mallorca. We will arrange, you will - enjoy! We will develop a concept which takes into account all the peculiarities of your couple.

Our motto: why should we organize the same wedding if there are a million ideas that can be implemented and make exclusive wedding design!

3. Our agency is always open to your questions; distance and time difference are not a hindrance. We are happy to contact you by phone or Skype.

4. If you are with us - it means you are the people who want to create. Therefore, we promise you that your wedding abroad is something special.

5. We hear and feel our wedding couples and know what they want.

6. Among the thousands of services, we have chosen the best and the most favorable terms for you.

7. We are always frank and honest with our couples as highly value our reputation and responsibility for the quality of our services.

8. At any time, as soon as your request, you will receive a detailed and in-depth report on the preparation and distribution of your wedding budget.

9. Complete professionalism. Our team - is one family, we cheer for the success of our business and, therefore, we strive to achieve the best result. And the best result for us is your words of gratitude; your eyes glowed with happiness and joyful smiles. Our team consists of talented people and supporters who direct all their efforts to create a unique wedding celebration. It is not worth worring about the quality of the services: You will find the best of everything in one place, without spending your own time and efforts. This also applies to the organization of your stay in our charming and hospitable island of Mallorca (finding housing, excursions, car rent, etc.).

10. Finally, the most important thing: we are fully responsible for our work and assure you that warm and pleasant memories of that day will stay with you for life.

We do not just organize weddings abroad; we are laying the first brick in the foundation of your family!